Today more then ever companies are using equity compensation to reward, retain and recruit talent!

MVM Advisors can help clear the confusion and mitigate the risk when it comes to Stock Plan Administration:

Compensating employees with company stock or stock-based awards including (but not limited to):
Options -- Restricted stock -- Stock purchase plans

MVM works with Interactive Brokers LLC (IB) as a custodian for our clients.  IB has partnered with Solium, a true disruptor in Stock Plan Administration.

This allows MVM to offer our clients a unique cutting edge solution for Stock Plan Administration.

Solium through it Shareworks software platform is 100% dedicated to stock plan administration (it is all they do).

The Solium solution is fully flexible and 100% scalable.

MVM is able to offer many advanced plan features (via Interactive Brokers and Solium) an unique offerings at much lower account levels and minimal fee schedules including:

  • Yield enhancement: Many firms' stock becomes hard-to-borrow for an extended period of time following an IPO
  • Extremely competitive financing rates. Employees may want to maximize LT gains, so financing is especially important during initial holding period
  • Ability to use IB’s options platform to protect profits (or limit losses) during the short term in order to gain LT gain status. Other tools: Tax Optimizer, writing covered calls (2 day settlement to protect LT gains status), no commission costs to exercise or assign U.S. options
  • Portfolio Analyst: 17,000 sources integrated, Solium positions integrated
  • EmployeeTrack offered at no cost (especially regulated sectors: finance, legal, medical, etc...)

Equity Compensation Plan Administration

144 stock Plan Admin

The power to simplify.

Shareworks Plan Admin unifies all your plans, delivering next-generation flexibility and precision so you get the trusted data and timely reports you need.

Make smarter decisions.

Get the right data, right when you need it. Run custom reports on real-time data. Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy. Plus, use the Shareworks “sandbox” test site to model new grants, budget expenses and compare forecasting scenarios quickly, simply and safely.

Worry-free integration.

For fast, painless data imports, Shareworks accepts file formats from a wide range of third-party systems to reduce or eliminate the need for manual entry.

Real-time collaboration.

What was formerly a linear, tedious process between departments now happens quickly, seamlessly and accurately when everyone has access to the same real-time data.


Everything you need to model complex capital structures.

  • Unlimited administrator accounts
  • Permission-based access
  • Automated termination rules
  • Printable grant agreements and statements
  • Ad-hoc custom reporting: 3 active reports
  • SFTP file synchronization
  • Basic administrator training
  • Exercise and release withholding
  • Ad-hoc custom reporting: full
  • Report scheduling
  • Document library
  • Corporate training
  • Sandbox test environment
  • Report multi-tasking
  • Termination proration
  • State-to-state mobility taxation
  • Global mobility taxation
  • Outsourced admin

Expense Accounting

144 stock plan Expense accoutning

Love your numbers.

Shareworks Expense Accounting delivers a higher level of confidence. The result is audit-ready accuracy together with complete reporting freedom.

Everything, in one place.

Work with numbers you trust. Accuracy and data integrity for yourself and regulators, auditors and tax authorities all in one place. Expense mobility, corporate tax, journal entries and more are consolidated into one report. And your disclosure tables? Just a click away.

Allocation has never been easier.

For both share- and cost-settled awards, track and prorate any expense to any cost center or department.

Lock down your data.

Clarify your numbers and create an audit trail. Even make adjustments after a period and true- up the following quarter with the convenient expense snapshot feature.

This year’s model. And next year’s.

Modeling takes a giant leap forward with in- application expense scenarios. Confidently and easily answer important “what if?” questions as they arise.


Everything you need for accurate financial reporting.

  • Complete IFRS and ASC 718 reporting
  • Expense snapshot, Equity and liability awards
  • Accounting for performance awards and non-employees
  • Valuation assumption reporting
  • Domestic DTA and APIC pool entries
  • Valuation modeling calculator
  • Proxy and disclosure reporting
  • Ad-hoc reporting for financial data
  • Report multitasking
  • Global corporate tax and DTA
  • Expense mobility proration

Participant Experience

144 Stock Plan Participant Experience

Put people first.

Shareworks Participant Experience provides a simple and smart tool to engage participants with their entire equity plan.

Make everybody comfortable.

Empower employees to manage their plans wherever they are. Intuitive design allows employees to easily complete a wide range of transactions including trades, without any previous trading experience. And language and currency are customizable so everyone feels at home.

One for all.

One simple sign-on gives employees a clear, consolidated picture of their growing wealth in equity awards and savings, along with their retirement and benefit plans.

We speak employee fluently.

With locally based Contact Centers are staffed with experts available virtually around the clock to offer participants assistance with trading, passwords and plan rules.

We’re on the same page.

Shareworks's “View as Participant” mode allows our Contact Center or your in-house team to see what employees see on their screen so employees quickly get the answers they need.


Everything you need to empower your employees.

  • Online transactions
  • Exercise modeling
  • Mobile app
  • Online plan enrollment
  • View as Participant
  • Employee notifications tool
  • Participant communication templates
  • Participant support materials
  • Grant election
  • Online grant agreements
  • Grant election
  • Multi-payroll fund settlement
  • Custom branding
  • Tailored portfolio tables and plan documents
  • Multiple languages
  • Online grant agreements
  • Single Sign-On

Global Compliance

144 Stock Plan Global Compliance

Global compliance, total confidence.

Shareworks Global Compliance offers a fresh approach to due diligence and transforms the way you manage the complex world of global equity plans.

A world of information at your fingertips.

The easy-to-use online database of legal and tax regulations spans more than 170 countries and is updated regularly by a network of top global law firms. Bring daily management in house for a modern, web-based solution.

Stay current, stay ahead.

The compliance dashboard and calendar generates reminders, alerts, and action items for all your plans so you never miss an important date. Get worldwide tax and regulatory updates based on your subscribed countries.

Put the data to work to reduce risk.

Practical tools and detailed reports help you prioritize risk and allocate resources. Rank complexity of legal and tax compliance in any jurisdiction by any award type. Anticipate potential issues based on country and participant count.

Keep everyone on the same page.

Eliminate costly reviews with next-generation communication tools. Employee tax guides can be branded, customized and are automatically updated and reviewed against government tax sites multiple times during the year.


Everything you need for your global due diligence.

  • Legal summary table
  • Compliance rating index
  • Compliance check reporting
  • Full regulatory reports
  • Launch plan manager tool
  • Custom compliance calendar
  • Filing alerts and notifications
  • Sample regulatory filing forms
  • Document library
  • Tax rules and rate summary table
  • Tax band table
  • Tax withholding and reporting table
  • Recharge feasibility table
  • Participant tax guides
  • Monthly regulatory and tax email
  • Auto-add country subscription
  • Custom participant tax guides

Forms Filing

144 Stock Forms Filing

Mitigate Risk. Automatically.

Shareworks Forms Filing is the simple, smart way to protect your company and achieve total compliance with Section 16 SEC filing requirements.

A smarter process for total peace of mind.

Centralize forms filing in real time. Leverage a next-generation workflow to define accountability and duties. Proactively update stakeholders with automated notifications. And manage it all from your desktop directly to EDGAR.

Crystal clear compliance for all.

Every filing detail is easily accessible and searchable. Quickly review any transactions history with The Story Of filing audit trail. And designate secure access by viewers, admins and approvers, all without compromising data.

Time is money. Save both.

Efficiently track and manage filing priority through the dashboard. And store all current and historical filings in one place for easy retrieval. It’s the ultimate organizational tool for filing administrators.

Lower risk. Now at a higher level.

Take your forms filing to the highest level with the powerful duo of Forms Filing and Plan Admin. Every insider transaction automatically triggers a customizable workflow to close the risk gap and meet all deadlines confidently.


Everything you need for filing with confidence.

  • Flexible workflow assignment
  • Filing dashboard
  • Footnote catalogue
  • EDGAR one-click filing and status retrieval
  • Test filing and form previews
  • Filing alerts and notifications
  • The Story Of filing audit trail
  • Report generation and management
  • Automatic holding balance calculations

Cap Table

144 Stock Cap Table

See the bigger picture.

Shareworks Cap Table helps you get organized and unify all stakeholders. Grow with the peace of mind that comes from being prepared for tomorrow.

Make brilliantly informed decisions.

Drag-and-drop reporting provides intuitive control to help you answer “What if…?” questions. Add high performance modelling to quickly and precisely evaluate new financing rounds, management carve-outs and exits.

One comprehensive report.

See it all and answer virtually any question with the master cap table workbook report. From fully diluted to issued and outstanding, all plan details are available in one report, tailored to you.

Cloud collaboration.

One accurate, real-time data source means your company’s equity picture is always up-to-date, accessible and clear to all stakeholders. Version control and paperwork errors are a thing of the past.

Go modern, go digital.

Move beyond paper certificates to digital shares. Shareworks supports certificated, uncertified and electronic stock certificates. All are integrated with your ledger in the cloud and easy to download.


Everything you need to get your cap table organized.

  • Common and preferred stock
  • Dual class common stock
  • Convertible debt tracking
  • Detailed shareholder version
  • Fully diluted summary
  • Form 3921
  • Warrants, Digital shares
  • Master cap table report
  • Customizable demographic and ownership reports
  • Rule 701 analysis report
  • Scenarios modeling available with purchase of Scenarios


144 Stock Scenarios

The future at your fingertips.

Shareworks Scenarios puts you in control. Now you can perform sophisticated analysis for financing and exit events and come to the table with confidence.

Join the modeling revolution.

With Shareworks, even the most complex capital structures are modeled in minutes, far beyond the capabilities of spreadsheets. Revise deal terms on the fly to see the impact of exit payouts and ROI immediately. Now the cap table is working for you.

Use the tools the pros use.

Shareworks is tried and trusted by top venture capitalist firms for their robust modeling needs. You get the same modeling results as the experts with no additional expertise required.

Real-time knowledge.

Outperform other modeling solutions by factoring in more inputs and details, including convertible notes and management carve-outs. Now you can support every financing decision with data you trust.

Answer any “What if?”

Provide quick, confident answers to assure your internal teams. Use practical tools like the waterfall analysis graph to support comparisons around a wide range of exit scenarios.

Un-taxing mobility.

Keep up with mobile employees. Shareworks tracks tax rates and rules in multiple jurisdictions in real time so you can prorate compensation and withholdings for every employee with ease.


Everything you need to model complex capital structures.

  • Capitalization tables
  • Financing event modeling
  • Exit event modeling
  • Deal comparisons based on ROI and dollar value