Custody of Assets

We encourage everyone looking to hire an investment advisor to review this: SEC Investor Bulletin: Custody of Your Investment Assets

But we think that it is easier to answer why we don’t custody our clients’ assets;

In one word “Madoff”

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the simple fact is that fraudsters have been around forever.


How Custody Works:

  1. You will open an account with your chosen custodian.  MVM can help setup your account, but only you will know your user ID and password.  MVM will never ask for them.
  2. You will then request that MVM be added as an investment advisor, authorizing MVM to buy and sell securities in your account on your behalf.
  3. You will then choose whether to authorize the custodian to deduct the amount of MVM’s advisory fees from your account, which will be reflected on your account statement or to have MVM bill you directly.
  4. You then fund your account by sending a check to the custodian or transferring old accounts into your new account (rollover).  You will never be asked to fund or add to your account by sending or depositing: checks, wires, rollovers, cryptocurrency or any other type of cash to MVM or accounts controlled by MVM. 
  5. You will receive, at a minimum, quarterly account statements from your custodian; independent of any reports produced by MVM.

You can contact your custodian at any time and terminate MVM trading authorization.

MVM Advisors LLC DOES NOT ACCEPT COMPENSATION from any custodian.

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