MVM Steps to Success:

1st Assess and Gather Information:
We begin to develop your plan through an understanding of your financial situation, objectives, risk tolerance and other circumstances.

Do you have:
Retirement planning needs?

Income funding needs?

Estate planning concerns?

Do you need guidance with more complex planning issues such as:
Executive compensation concerns?

Business succession considerations?

We get to know your individual circumstances. Next we put together a play book, known in the investment world as an "Investment Policy Statement".

2nd  Implement:

We will guide you in applying the strategies in your investment policy statement by offering you access to the extensive resources available through MVM.

As your single point of contact, your MVM Financial Advisor will help you identify the combination of services and investments that best meet your specific needs.

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3rd  Monitor and Review:

Over time, we will monitor your investment policy statement, regularly reviewing your investment objectives and adjusting your portfolio as necessary.

You will have access to your MVM Financial Advisor and other investment professionals to answer questions and keep you up-to-date on any changes that might affect your investment policy statement.

4th  The Planning Process is ongoing and dynamic:

Your investment policy statement will furnish a guideline for making financial decisions today recognizing that adjustments may be required in the future as your personal circumstances change.

Due to continual changes in the financial world, and your own world, ongoing communication with us is an essential component of the process.